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Welcome to the official John Robson guitar website. If you like rock, blues, funk or jazz guitarists like Gary Moore, Joe Satriani & Robben Ford, then go straight to the “AUDIO” page for some free mp3 music downloads. Or if you want to improve your technique try the "FREE LICKS" section of the site where you'll find rock, blues & jazz licks & tabs, as well as mp3 jam tracks to download & play along with. Or if you're looking for some help/advice on a particular topic, or just want to share something with the world - The site forum is the place to leave your message.

A professional guitarist for over a decade now, John has absorbed a wealth of influences: rock, blues, jazz, funk - it's all there, often all at the same time! Whether rocking an audience with blistering guitar solos & skull crunching riffs, or in a more reflective mood, playing cool laid back jazz, John is completely at home with any musical situation.

If you love great guitar music, then you owe it to yourself to check out the free examples on offer from this site! Want a melting pot? Try “Struttin’ Blues” from John’s new album “Never Learned To Dance”. It sounds like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers jamming with Joe Walsh at Robben Ford’s house – sleazy, jazz funk & blues with a dash of rock shredding thrown in for good measure.